20 Simple & Remarkable Tools to Engage for Marketing Automation!

August 26, 2019 in Marketing Automation Tools

20 Simple & Remarkable Tools to Engage for Marketing Automation!

Did you ever dream that you could focus more on creative marketing ideas rather than sitting down and performing the same tasks again and again to various subscribers?

Did you ever dream that you could find time to discover or invent your growth hacks for your business that could help your business grow rapidly?

Or did you ever dream that your marketing employees could become more productive and creative?

Or most important what if your clients could feel more valued from you?

If you did,

Then this is the right time for you to adopt Marketing Automation.

In terms of business marketing automation

As a business magnate, you have various essential tasks to do. Sitting and just emailing each and every customer of yours will not work as a whole. The results will not be satisfying as your marketing team does this process on a manual basis. Luckily, you no longer need to, thanks to the marketing automation tools available for today’s online business.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of programming marketing actions. The marketing automation has evolved in light of the monotonous difficulties faced by the marketing department. It includes Inbound, Outbound, Social, Direct and many added twigs of marketing.

There are various types of marketing automation tools exists today and these are the following:

  • Email Marketing
  • Automation for SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Designing Tools

Email Marketing Automation Tools

Before you send an email, different things have to be done in a properly. How much time do you spend on your email crusades each day, playing out similar tasks again and again for different subscribers?

Email marketing functions in a flow like planning, CRM, email automation, lead generation, building mails. These marketing automation tools are one of the core tools to make your business grow.

Email marketing remains the highest usual asset for any business with the free online tools for marketing along with paid tools:

Email, SMS, landing pages, ads and more.


Sendinblue is a giant tool for marketing automation. It can be used for email marketing, SMS marketing and also chatting.

They offer a drag and drop builder that you can use to make exceptionally captivating messages, construct computerized work processes, and segment users.

 It will help you build stronger customer relationships by keeping track of all your customer details in one place.

Software for marketing, sales and customer service with a completely free CRM


Kickstart your sales services. Consistently rated as one of the best marketing automation tools. It can help restructure your email marketing through robotized work processes, similar to a whole CRM and inbound showcasing effort. 

This tool makes overall marketing more organized, which in turn will give increased engagement and conversions across all channels. 

Hubspot CRM is 100% free as the website says “That’s right! HubSpot CRM is not a free trial. It’s 100% free with no time limit.”

An integrated campaign, CRM, Design tools, Smart marketing


Be yourself on a bigger stage. Aids to monitor the recital of the email campaigns and social ads placed out sideways generating leads over the landing pages. It enables you to send emails based on web activity, abandoned carts, activity or inactivity, and many more.

MailChimp is a perfect all-in-one email marketing automation solution for inbound marketing campaigns.

4. Drip

Customer insight activity, Segmentation, Email marketing, Clear-cut ECRM dashboards


“I started using the tool and it’s pretty awesome”. Must have heard these reviews about Drip. Drip curbs your sales funnel and has impressive tracking skills. Triggers the customer’s account at 3 nerves, when they buy, when they abandon the cart and when they peep into users webpage.

Email marketing, Automation, Sales CRM, and Messaging


If you entice a tool that handles marketing automation, provides for a pre-built CRM course and performs multi-link marketing ActiveCampaign is the one you need.

Automation for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

By the name itself, it is clear that it defines optimization of the “Search Marathon”. It utilizes web promotion for your objective keyword(s) takes a decent degree of work and this is the place SEO instruments can help.

Even if you have an essential command of Google listing procedure it’s never too simple to push your web page rank to page one, let alone to the best position of query items.

Following are some of the SEO tools:

Target your intended and suitable keywords that you didn’t know existed


Hundreds of keyword ideas based on a single keyword. Enter a keyword with a perfect requirement match and receive a huge handful of long-tail keywords opportunities and common questions asked. It can be used as an alternative to Google Keyword Planner.

A free web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for SEO and marketing purposes.

Google analytics

Research studies from Bain, consultancy company from Boston, have opened up the fact that the leading marketers are using platform integrations and technology to buzz engagement thus providing relevant experiences.

8. Ahrefs

Research your competitors and find what you need to outrank them.


It includes backlink checker, Content backlink, Rank watcher, SEO toolbar. Ahrefs tells you the way to stand out from your competitors. 

  • Ahrefs tells you how do you do it through its various baby tools. Covers backlinks, content, keyword research, web audit, alerts, SERP checker. 
  • This tool is not free of cost, it charges money for the utilization.

9. Mozbar

A remarkable tool for link building, Page optimization and much more.


From targeting the right keywords to generate custom reports. It makes SEO a smooth batter. Brands intricate analysis easy for us to pay too many vital tasks like spreadsheets and traffic management.


Do you know how much broken links your website have? Would you like to update your sitemap without re-uploading it on your website?

  • Feed your URL into the front block and create your sitemap a competitive advantage for the purpose served SEO.
  • Also throws out timely sitemap concerned news and amendments through the news.

Did you ever feel fatigued while searching for perfect influencers?

  • With an interesting name, it is the top-rated link and site-building tool out there.
  • A MOST thought-provoking tool to find out the influential people and blog on the web.
  • The language-specific result, search localized blogs and influencers, guest post opportunities, wider digital marketing platforms coverage.
  • Aids influencer marketing a lot.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Each one around you is on social media marketing platforms. They all are on the same kind of social podiums! This is the time when you think about making strategies for your e-commerce marketing campaigns.

Despite everyone’s presence on social networks we are possibly not connected with the same network. Indeed, social networks never sleep.

Therefore following are some tools that can be utilized for your e-commerce marketing on social media.

12. Buffer

Plan, Schedule and publish your content on multiple social accounts in one place.


It is a top-rated tool for social media marketing. Provides house to all social accounts in a single room, automates planned social media posts on digital marketing platforms, analytical review build-up and multiple team members addition to execution. It has its price as nothing is free, everything has a price.

Manage all your social media in one place with many more incredible features.


It is one of the most trusted social media tools followed by 16 million users worldwide. Hootsuite includes management from a single-phase, single click feedback, audience and performance evaluation and degree personalization to clients.


An advanced post scheduling tool.

  • First users of the Twitter API and prime customer satisfied
  • An affiliate programming tool flowing in affiliate income

It can be better understood and loved once you use it. But you pay a price after the free trial period.

A great all-in-one platform for social media management.


It is quoted by the company itself that ‘“Real people + Real brand + Real collection”. Functions of Sproutsocial are as follows:

  • Operates regardless of the size of the business
  • Most robust and creative media keys
  • Can even become partners in collaboration
  • Build a social connection that pulls real into reach

Designing Tools

For marketing automation, visual content is the currency on social media. Photo editing and designing was a war of 5 years back with a usual struggle with photoshop.

This is not the depiction now with almost numerous paid and free online tools for marketing and designing.

 Almost 70% of the social media content is included or is visual data and this thrives the need for these tools.

16. Pablo


Images play an important role in customer engagement.

  • By Buffer, Pablo gives intense edited images and post designing option with its extended features. Click & To pay for the terrific waged tool you can just go and pay at Pablo by the Buffer.
  • 25+ stylish fonts, 600k+ searchable images and size variations to fit.

17. Canva


A huge designer tool with a vast amount of possibilities.

  • Adding to your armory Canva is a Family to explore, most delightful, healthiest, eye-appealing creations, free along with paid templates, template for everything and you can build upon your own.
  • Creations are downloadable in countless formats as suitable.

A simple infographic maker to help your customer visualize information more effectively.

  • Don’t want to pay more, than this tool is for you. Appoint a simple drag & drop tool like Easel.ly
  • Way to turn lame content into an infographic.
  • Qualified to brush up on any of the content turning it quality

A free API that provides image optimization.

  • Protects image quality, and allows to compress any image in any directory
  • Incorrect image size detection, and optimizes a whole lot of images across the network

A simple screen recorder and video editor.

  • Screen recording, video editing, upgraded to smoother action all around.
  • Is Camtasia free? The answer is yes but only for a trial period. Costs for upgradation.

Areas For Automation – “The Triggers”

1. Automation for the new customers for retention

Welcome a newly registered web store client with an engaging graphic newsletter. Possibly you can likewise offer a coupon code for future buys or present your new fall items.

2. Cycle-based automation

If a client has joined the email list but hasn’t bought anything inside a specific time, this implies the enthusiasm for purchasing items online is unmistakably there yet buys haven’t been made for reasons unknown.

3. Shopping cart abandoned

Re-reaching those who visited the website, scrolled the products, listed the products they wish to be bought into the cart and then left the cart unconverted for some ghost reasons!

4. Content-based automation

It is one of the preferable upselling or cross-selling. For instance, if the client BUYS shoes, use e-commerce marketing automation to prescribe perfect items, similar to a shoe brush or warm insoles. An average change interim for shoes is 6 a year – after this time you can prescribe new shoes to replace old ones, this is an upselling.

5. Restocking

Also once in a while when a specific item is out of stock and can’t be requested, offer the client a probability to buy in a program update when the ideal item is back in stock.

6. Thanksgiving after-sales texting

‘Salutation’ to your topical customer who has made his purchase drives them happy to come back to your business also thanking for the purchase is good after-sale service.

7. Re-reach your royals & loyal

Reward your most loyal clients. Wake up latent clients who have purchased once however have been aloof after that. It is critical to test and screen intently which sort of battles work and which activities “win back” clients.

8. Lead magnet

Offer content valuable to your audience so that they pass on all the relevant data to you. Store all the data grasped and use it when needed.

We end up here!

Though marketing automation will live long, we can’t only rely on automation as some areas need human efforts.

Well, we would be happy to know which marketing automation tools do you use and why?

Share your insight with us in the comment section.